What others say about MetaModels

Thanks to MetaModels, complex and custom desires can be implemented in short time. The input screens and list views in the backend are very easy to model. For demanding applications, MetaModels offer various solutions, even custom code and queries, expanding the scope of application even more.

The support by the developers is very satisfying, answers and solutions are provided promptly in the forum, on IRC and on GitHub. due to the seamless integration of MetaModels into the Contao CMS everyone, developing websites with the Contao CMS, gets along quickly.

David Greminger

CEO, 1up GmbH

With MetaModels we are creating product catalogs with several hundreds of entries for our customers that are very easy to maintain. Aside of product catalogs, MetaModels are perfectly suited for creating complex multilanguage websites with reoccuring types of content.

MetaModels extends a terrific CMS with terrific data models that can be configured by administrators and managed by publishers as easy as in almost no other CMS. The flexible architecture of MetaModels allows us to create demanding projects and even projects of exceptional demand on base of a great CMS and keep the costs of internal development low.

Tim Becker


We are using MetaModels in almost each of our projects. Team pages, press sections and product-/solution pages are very easy to complete, link and are very easy to be managed by the customer.

Using defined input screens the customer is able to maintain complex content with ease and fits into the intended design.

Johannes Tober

Technical Project Manager, Team sisu, Team sisu