All your base are belong to us. Period.

I. Consent

By entering your personal and business-related data on the MetaModels website at the URL, you give your personal consent to the operating company to use your data to process your enquiry as well as for the additional purposes outlined below. You may withdraw your consent in writing at any time with future effect.

II. General principles

We take great care to ensure that your data is protected. To this end we operate an active data protection policy to ensure that all personal data is treated confidentially. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will use the personal data we have collected from you in strict accordance with in accordance with legal requirements. This data protection statement explains in terms of these provisions which user-related and non-user-related data gathered during your visit to our website is collected and how this data is processed and used. However, this statement does not apply to companies that are linked to the website of the

Where our website refers to third parties, we would like to point out that the operating company has no control over the content of those sites and as such, we cannot extend the guarantees of this data protection statement to include those sites.

III. Cookies

The operator currently uses temporary cookies to make Internet services more customer-friendly, efficient and safer. These session cookies are deleted when you leave the site.

IV. Data Sharing

We do not disclose your personal data to third parties unless required to do so under statutory provisions or judicial order. In particular we do not sell, rent or exchange your personal data.

V. Data collection during your visit

What non-user-related data does the MetaModels website collect when you visit our site?

Every time a user accesses one of our web pages, i.e. every time a file is requested or an attempt is made to request a file from this server, data documenting this process is stored in a log file. This data is non-user-related; therefore we cannot normally determine which user has retrieved what data, and furthermore, we would not attempt to do so.

The following data record is saved for each request:

  • IP address (possibly personal)
  • Name of retrieved file
  • Date and time of retrieval
  • Quantity of data transferred
  • Report as to whether retrieval was successful
  • Report as to why a retrieval may have failed
  • The name of your internet service provider
  • Browser information (e.g. type of browser, screen resolution)
  • Operating system
  • Website from which you found us.

Use of tracking software

We use google analytics tracking software to record and analyse user activity on our website. IP addresses are stored anonymously; i.e. the last two octets are set to 0. This means that the data collected cannot be traced to a particular individual. Tracking software is used only to adapt the website to current technical requirements and optimise the Internet service for the user’s benefit. Passing on of information to third parties is impossible.

How does the MetaModels website use the non-user-related data that it collects?

We analyse all the data listed above solely for our own statistical purposes. We use this data to make our website better and even safer for you.