MetaModels is an extension for CMS Contao and provides a flexible and easy way to build your own data models.

Welcome to MetaModels

MetaModels is an extension for the Contao CMS. This extension enables you to enter a wide variety of structured data and to output them on a website according to different criteria such as list and detail views, filterings, sortings, pagination, multilingualism and others more. For more details about functions see "Features".

The possibilities which data content can be used range from product catalogues, events, food plans, adress and employee lists, houses for sale or rent to picture galleries or multilingual text/image content - all that can be integrated seamlessly into Contao. To get a first impression of the possibilities of MetaModels, check out the "Showcase" or our "Movie database".

The MetaModels extension is a free Open Source extension powered by a team of dedicated developers and contributors. It is supported by an active community. Development and maintenance is financed by donations.

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Here is our manual to get started with MetaModels.

MetaModels 2.1 for Contao 4.x

MetaModels 2.1 is now available for Contao 4.x

Currently we are working on the transfer back to github. Until the process is finished, you can get MM 2.1 with our early adopter program. More…

MetaModels 2.0 for Contao 3.5

If you install MetaModels via the package manager Composer you will have access to the latest packages and tests of our continuous development - to find out more please refer to the subject "Installation" in our manual.

As an alternative to the installation via the package manager you can also perform a manual installation of one of the following packages of the latest release:

MetaModels 2.0

MetaModels 1.0.x und 1.1.x

previous versions of MetaModels

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