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April News

by Carsten Merz

Current information about MetaModels from April

MetaModels News - April 2018

MM 2.1 for Contao 4.4:

MetaModels 2.1 is completed.
Remaining are some small changes and adjustments (code and CSS backend).

Currently, there are 17 live installations from the early-adopter program and some test installations running. Another big thank you to all the supporters from the early-adopter program.

The Fundraising for MetaModels 2.1 is currently at 11.143€, which is 74% of the goal. The MM Team put in 540 programming hours so far.

Thanks to MAN AT WORK GmbH, there will be three new attributes available shortly: The first attribute allows you to create an own table with different input types from MultiColumnWizard. Furthermore, an attribute, which allows you to select different content elements from contao – like the news module. Thanks a lot for the support.


Donations for support and bugfixing MetaModels:

142€ from DTP-Atelier (CH)



The project MM-Isotope was renewed and updated to the current versions (MM 2.1 and Isotope 2.5). The goal is to use Items from MM for checkout with Isotope. The fundraising includes programming, project management, setting up a test shop, testing and documentation.

The work is already in progress. Cart and checkout are already able to handle Items from MM. Missing is the attribute “currency” as well as the mapping of required fields like SKU, name and price to the MM attributes.

After completion, the feature will be available through an early-adopter option. If you have any questions, please contact:

Other Fundraising projects:

  • MetaModels 2.1 for Contao 4.4 more...
  • Manual file sorting "translated File" more...

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