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February News

by Carsten Merz

Current information about MetaModels from February

MetaModels News - February 2018


For MetaModels 2.1, we have now reached the home straight and some important steps were made. In MM 2.0, we will no longer match the exact requirements of contao 3.5 LTS, meaning MM 2.0 requires php 5.6 or higher. In MM 2.1, we are testing the support up to php 7.2 and contao 4.5

Regarding new features, the MM team decided to focus on MM 2.1. That means, that new features will not automatically be available for MM 2.0. But we are trying to maintain the bugfixing for MM 2.0 – direct jobs are still possible, of course.

After the public release of MM 2.1, our plans are to develop further features in a protected area. New versions and updates will then be released to all users depending on funding. The low support in funding and collaboration are forcing us to this step.    

However, there are also some new features and bugfixes for MM 2.0, for example:

  • Default columns like id, pid etc. can be selected in the alias attribute (incl. translated)
  • New option for text search: RegExp – it is possible to specify an own RegExp in BE
  • File attribute with picture support (responsive Images)
  • Hotfix for “order by” sorting of files
  • Hotfix resetFallback for standard grouping/sorting

MetaModels 2.1 for Contao 4

We are still making good progress with MetaModels 2.1. As part of the "early adopter" option, 14 projects are running with MM 2.1 and contao 4.

The Fundraising for MetaModels 2.1 increased to 9.647€, which is about 64% of the goal – On the other hand, the MM team accomplished 476 programming hours so far. (Based on this number, we would have to increase the fundraising goal to 38.000€)

We were very pleased about these new donations: Carl-Heinz Frey afm-werbestudio: 500€, Rolf Schupfinger Webdesign Schupfinger: 1.000€ and Werbeagentur KOPFNUSS GbR: 122€ - thanks a lot!

Our "early adopters" option, in exchange for an appropriate donation for the project, is still available. For more information, please contact

Besides a financial support, a collaboration in terms of developing is always welcome – as a “donation” or in connection with a payment from the fundraising. 


The fundraising for Manual file sorting is still at 46% of the target amount. For all users, who would like to have this feature before the fundraising is completed, there is also an "early adopter" option.


For the fundraising “watchlist”, we got a donation from Hofer Werbung of 350€ - thanks a lot! By now, the feature can be used with MM 2.1. In the MM manual (only German), you can have a closer look at this feature. For more information and the "early adopter" option, please contact


Donations for support and bugfixing MetaModels:

  • 42€ N.N.


  • MetaModels 2.1 for Contao 4.4 more...
  • Manual file sorting "translated File" more...

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