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March (2) News

by Carsten Merz

Current information about MetaModels from March (part 2)

MetaModels News - March (2) 2018


After long work and testing, the feature edit/overrideAll is now implemented in MM 2.0 and 2.1. It is available with the version beta43 of DC_General. Compared to the Contao core, even more operations are possible. A detailed list of additional operations and limitations will be in the manual soon.    

For Front-End-Editing of MM, the operations delete, copy and variation are now available – currently only for MM 2.1 (MM 2.0 on request).


MM 2.1 for Contao 4.4:

The Fundraising for MetaModels 2.1 is currently at 11.143€, which is 74% of the goal. The MM Team put in 530 programming hours so far.

We are very pleased about one new donation: 353€ from René Obi Hoch-3 GmbH - thanks a lot!

For our "early adopters" program, we added another option: We have a funding gab for the extensive update of the DC_General. Therefore, we offer the opportunity to get access to the repository of MM 2.1 in exchange for:

  • Donation/Fundrasing MM 2.1 from 1.000€
  • Donation for DC_General Contao 4 from 500€

For more information, please contact


The fundraising for Manual file sorting is still at 46% of the target amount. For all users, who would like to have this feature before the fundraising is completed, there is also an "early adopter" option.


The fundraising project “watchlist” went into the next stage: It is now possible to embed a form to save individual data like quantity or notes for each item. In the MM manual (only German), you can have a closer look at this feature. For more information and the "early adopter" option, please contact


Donations for support and bugfixing MetaModels:

  • 42€ N.N.


  • MetaModels 2.1 for Contao 4.4 more...
  • Manual file sorting "translated File" more...

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