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April News

by Carsten Merz

Current information about MetaModels from April

MetaModels News - April 2017


Current versions for "bundle_all" are alpha14 in MM core and beta38 in DCG

As mentioned in the last news, the next versions alpha15 (core) and beta39 (DCG) are about to be released. Until then, they still can be installed with composer.

After all attributes and filters for "bundle_all" were tagged with 2.0-stable, the next step is to update the Core and DCG.

Here is a summary of the completed jobs (in addition to the ones published in recent news):

  • Minor bugfixes in MM Core alpha15 und DCG beta39
  • Work on the existing tickets

We are asking you to please install both Versions (alpha15 (core) and beta39 (DCG)) using Composer (plus modify Composer-JSON) and test. (See manual for detailed instructions)

Donations for support and bugfixing MetaModels:



No changes

Documentation, Website, Videos

Some small additions and updates were made in the German documentation.

Donations for the documentation: none

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