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August News

by Carsten Merz

Current information about MetaModels from August

MetaModels News - August 2017


Currently, our main focus lies on MetaModels 2.1 for Contao 4. But there is also work in progress for MM 2.0.

Besides some bugfixes, the "Checkbox-Wizard" for multiple selection is now completely implemented. This means, that the position of the checkbox can now be sorted and saved for individual preferences.

Many other bugfixes are also completed and ready to be implemented into the main branches. More information coming up in the next news.


MetaModels 2.1 for Contao 4

We are making good progress with MetaModels 2.1. The goal is still to have the first (beta) version end of October/beginning of November 2017.

Currently, the focus is on DC_G, followed by the MM Core. So far, there were over 180 working hours contributed by the MM Team.

Unfortunately, the fundraising for MetaModels 2.1 is a bit behind with 600€ (4% of the goal). But we hope that other supporters will join the previous donators.

We decided to offer MM 2.1 for "early adopters" in exchange for an appropriate donation for the project. After the fundraising is completed, MM 2.1 will be available for all users. For more information, please contact

Besides a financial support, a collaboration in terms of developing is always welcome – as a “donation” or in connection with a payment from the fundraising.

The fundraising for Manual file sorting is still at 46% of the target amount. For all users, who would like to have this feature before the fundraising is completed, there is also an "early adopter" option.

We will have a new fundraising shortly: With this frontend feature, it is possible to put items on a “note list”. The saved items can be shown in a separate note list or be sent via E-mail. For more information, please contact


Donations for support and bugfixing MetaModels:

  • 300€ from Thomas Janotta – Thanks a lot!



  • MetaModels 2.1 for Contao 4.4 more...
  • Manual file sorting "translated File" more...


Documentation, Website, Videos

The official “Movie Database” Demo was upgraded by Hella Schuster und Carsten Merz and is now fully multilingual. Some additions and updates were made in the German documentation. A video from the contao conference 2017 is now available on YouTube (slides here).

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