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February News

by Carsten Merz

Current information about MetaModels from February

MetaModels News - February 2019

The packages of MetaModels 2.1 Core and DCG 2.1 are tagged stable and released!

There are still some exceptions like the repos for FrontendEditing, which will follow in the next days.

A list of stable tagged repositories can be found on Github #1288.


In the manual, there are already some texts for MM 2.1 (so far only in German):

Due to a bugfix at Contao regarding the URL encoding, the encoding for the URLs in MetaModels no longer worked. Especially the generated URLs for filtering were affected. The whole part of the URL encoding had to be renewed shortly before the release - so the filter URLs now partly look different, but more SEO-friendly.

The complete support for the "strict mode" in MySQL and MariaDB could no longer be implemented in MM 2.1. The rebuild with regard to downward compatibility would have been too extensive.

Even though the fundrasing for MM 2.1 has been completed, the MM-Team would very much appreciate a donation of up to 10% for new projects or updates from MM 2.0 to 2.1 - as a guideline a sum between 100 and 500€ (net) should fit (inquiries and invoices: e-mail to

This is the only way to ensure a continuous development and bugfixing of MM 2.1!

After the successful launch of MM 2.1 we will start with the development of MM 3.0. With this version we will be able to remove old dependencies and better approach Symfony and the next Contao LTS. So it remains exciting :D



  • MetaModels-2-Isotope for Contao 4.4 mehr...
  • Manual file sorting "translated File" more...
  • Notelist for Contao 3.5 and 4.4 mehr...

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