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Fundraising for Subpalettes

by Andreas Isaak

We got the oppertunity to complete the fundraising of subpalettes. Thanks to a person out of the community the MetaModels team has the possibility to raise the fundraising to about 70%-80%. The sum will however still lack about 300-450€ which is the reason for us to pledge.

We are now searching for further willing supporters that would provide the remaining 300-450€. Everyone knows subpalettes in Contao - the helpful little checkboxes that show further content in the backend - like the optional image to be added to a text.

We already support those checkbox subpalettes in MetaModels but only checkboxes. The functionality could be extended to select fields and radio buttons. When we could implement this feature, we would have a functionality that yet does not exist as flexible as this in the whole Contao core (third party extensions do exist but require manual configuration).

We must inform you about a small "caveat" in the completion of this feature. The implementation will be based on MetaModels 2.0 but the impact will be pretty small as it motivates us even more to complete the next release even faster. Beta testers for MetaModels 2.0 are more than welcome. Sadly we will have to finish this fundraising within the next two or three weeks as the interested party has to fulfill a tight deadline.

If anyone should feel addressed by this pledge to complete the fundraising we would love to hear from you via the contact form. Please do not hesistate to contact us. We are thankful for any kind of support.

To ensure your confidence, we would send an invoice to any interested party and raise the barometer after the money has been received.

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