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May News

by Carsten Merz

Current information about MetaModels from May

MetaModels News - May 2017


A few days ago, we updated in “bundle_all” the MM core to alpha15 and the DCG to beta39. Therefore, both packages are also included in "Nightly Build".

Additionally to the updates made since September 2016, the following new updates are now also available in “bundle_all”.

  • MetaModels und DCG are completely compatible with PHP7(.0/.1).
  • Management of rights for editing/creating/deleting in DCG was revised and is working correct now
  • Bugfix of upgrade handling for translatedurl (for new installations)
  • Bugfix of "checkbox 'yes/no-filter' is not showing a checkbox"
  • API of IItem: adjustment of getVariants, new: getVariantBase

Upcoming Versions are alpha16 in MM core and beta40 in DSC. They can be installed and tested using Composer (for installation please also modify Composer-JSON, see manual for detailed instructions)

The MM-Team also started with Ideas for "MetaModels@Contao4". According to the current planning, there will be a new "MetaModels 3.x" rather than migrating MetaModels 2.x. The concept will be the foundation for a detailed project planning including funding. Without donations/fundraising, this project will not be possible. If you have any questions/suggestions, please contact us:

Donations for support and bugfixing MetaModels:


No changes

Documentation, Website, Videos

Some work was done on the website. Also, additions and updates were made in the German documentation.

Donations for the documentation:

Donation from Nicole Weiß ( 40€.
(Total donations in 2017: 142 €)

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