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April News

by Carsten Merz

Current information about MetaModels from April

MetaModels News - April 2019

MM 2.1

Current version of MM core is 2.1.1 and the latest version of DCG is 2.1.3 – MM core 2.1.2 with some small fixes will be released soon.

We have two new attributes. They use MultiColumnWizard as a configurable input element. This allows different input widgets such as text, select, checkboxes, etc. to be arranged as columns and any number of rows to be created - similar to the tabletext attribute. The attributes are attribute_tablemulti and multilingual as attribute_translatedtablemulti. Many thanks to Ronny Binder and Michael Bischof of Byteworks for the idea and to Stefan Heimes and Andeas Dziemba for the development as well as to the agency MenAtWork for the public release of the project under the patronage of MetaModels.



Fundrasing has two new projects:

New is a filter, which allows to filter a child table via the properties of the parent element. In the example from the manual, this would be a filtering of all business trips by the department of the employees. Currently the attributes Text, Multiple selection [tags] and Single selection [select] are available in the filter. For the refinancing there is again an Early Adopter program for a sum of 2.640€. The first 400€ are funded. A "manual" for the configuration should be available soon.

As a further project there is a tool for translating content, i.e. an ex-import for XLIFF with which content from Contao and MetaModels can be translated. Currently, other content types such as custom elements from RST can also be exported and imported. The tool is very variable and modular, so that further content types can easily be added. So far, the operation is a pure console program without "GUI" in the backend, which could still come. There is also an early adopter program for refinancing. From the first development a large part is already financed by a customer project, so that still a sum of 2.400€ is open.

For the access to one of the extensions a donation of 200€ (net) is to be paid per project. More information for both projects is available by e-mail at


More Fundraising projects:

  • MetaModels-2-Isotope for Contao 4.4 mehr...
  • Manual file sorting "translated File" more...
  • Notelist for Contao 3.5 and 4.4 mehr...

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