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Why fundraising?

MetaModels allows you, as successor of "Catalog", to build simple and complex data models in Contao. The people in the MetaModels Team are working hard to fix bugs submitted by all of you users, are implementing new features on a regular basis and provides support and answers in the community forums, IRC and on Mumble.

We are keeping up with this workload public since 2495 days and are highly motivated to keep the high level of support, quality and feature richness. However, some features need more investment than others and this is where YOU come into play. Help us to complete these features and become one of the many supporters.

On this page, you find all relevant facts to each feature, how much is in the pot and what exactly will be the implementation details. Yet, these features are just a small excerpt of all the tasks laying ahead of us, for a complete list of planned functionality and features please refer to the ticket system.

Every financial support will get a regular invoice. It makes no difference if you are a private person, freelancer or agency.

If you do not want to use paypal, you have the option of doing regular money transfer to the following account. Please make sure to fill the desired feature as purpose.

Christian Schiffler
KSK Tübingen

  • 100 %
    15000 €
    100 %
    15000 €

MetaModels 2.1 for Contao 4.4

33 Sponsor(s)

90 Days (Period of implementation)

Update 30.10.2018

Our early adopter program (EAP) will be extended until the transfer to Gitlab is completed.  For the transfer, some adjustments are required – the exact date of the release is still pending.

For access to the protected repositories of MM 2.1 before the transfer is completed, please use our EAP, which starts at a donation amount of 500€.

For more information, please contact


With the release of Contao 4.4 at the Contao conference, there were obviously discussions about MetaModels and Contao 4.

As reported in the may news, the plan is to develop MetaModels 3 using the features of Symfony and discard old “ballast”. But this means also a long development time.

There is agreement for this approach, but also the community asked for a faster solution to run MetaModels with Contao 4. The MM Team discussed this issue closely and tried to come up with a fast solution.

Therefore, we will develop a MetaModels 2.1 as an intermediate step which will work with Contao 4 (but not with Contao 3.5). The data base structure will be similar like MM 2.0. So a migration from 2.0 to 2.1 is possible with little effort.

The work is already in progress to estimate the (time) requirements. The development of the Version 2.1 will also build the foundation for Version 3.0.

For the implementation of MM 2.1, we started a fundraising campaign with a goal of 15,000 €. Depending on the progress of the fundraising, the implementation could start end of September/beginning of October 2017 and be finalized in November.

  • 100 %
    5000 €
    7 %
    342 €

Connector to Isotope 2.5

1 Sponsor(s)

10 Days (Period of implementation)

MetaModels shall be interfacing with Isotope ecommerce (Version 2.5). The interface shall provide the products (and variants) from MetaModels and the checkout within Isotope. This allows to design complex products with ease in MetaModels and benefit from the checkout features in Isotope.

The project was renewed in April 2018 and updated to the current versions (MM 2.1 and Isotope 2.5)

The fundraising includes programming, project management, setting up a test shop, testing and documentation.

  • 100 %
    3245 €
    46 %
    1500 €

Manual file sorting incl. "translated File"

2 Sponsor(s)

21 Days (Period of implementation)

With this feature, it is possible to sort files/images manually in the backend for frontend display. The feature is also available for multilingual selection and was tested with MM core a15 and DCG b39.

For this fundraising, the MM developers “donated” 1/3 of the total effort so that the remaining amount of the fundraising is now 3,245.00 €.

As soon as this amount is collected, the feature will be activated.

For all users, who would like to have this feature before the fundraising is completed, there are the following possibilities:

  • Donation of at least 10% of the remaining amount
  • An equivalent amount of work for the MetaModels-Project
  • An equivalent source code for a feature or bugfix
  • 100 %
    2900 €
    0 %
    0 €

Editor module for front end output

0 Sponsor(s)

10 Days (Period of implementation)

The "MM Editor module" will enable editors to select one or more data records of a MetaModel to output them on the website in a simple way.

After selecting an MM editor module (created by an "MM admin") the editor can easily select one or more data records to be displayed on the website.

The settings which had to be made in the CE/FE modules up to now, such as the selection of the MetaModel, filters, render settings etc. will be implemented in a new stand-alone module.
Within this "editor-admin module" will be determined, whether the editor module should be available both as a content element and as a front end module, whether one or more data records can be selected, or whether the sorting can be overwritten and much more.
You can find the schematic structure as well as the setting options summarized in this PDF - Download.

The "MM editor module" is supposed to be a module for a seamless integration of MetaModels into the workflow of an editor.

When the fundraising is fullfilled, the agency MEN AT WORK Werbeagentur GmbH will start the implementation.

Frontend Editing

Thanks to the 14 supports from the contao community, we were able to successfully end this fundraising. Our thanks goes out to all helpers for their financial support and also to everyone who supported us with likes and tweets on facebook and twitter.

Status: Fundraising goal reached in October 2015

  • 100 %
    12000 €
    100 %
    12000 €

Frontend Editing

14 Sponsor(s)

50 Days (Period of implementation)

As already known from Catalog, Frontend editing shall also be possible with MetaModels, this means, website members may create, edit and delete items from MetaModels in the frontend of the website.

MetaModels is going to enhance and improve all current available functionality known from Contao and Catalog regarding Frontend editing with an unique approach to further develop the central DC_General component. With this entirely new approach we want to move on new ground, as Contao does not provide any generic Frontend editing at all so far, we are taking the challenge of reinventing the wheel. Of course the enhancements of DC_General are available to other extensions aside from MetaModels as well. Therefore the Contao community as a whole will be able to benefit from this feature.

The involved changes are major refactoring in DC_General and adapting the core and attributes to the needed changes imposed by this refactoring. We also might have to create some new widgets that are not yet available in the Frontend.

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Purpose: MetaModels - Frontend Editing


Thanks to the 9 supports from the contao community, we were able to successfully end this fundraising. Our thanks goes out to all helpers for their financial support and also to everyone who supported us with likes and tweets on facebook and twitter.

Status: Fundraising goal reached in May 2014 - Completion in August 2014

  • 100 %
    2435 €
    100 %
    2435 €


9 Sponsor(s)

12 Days (Period of implementation)

Everyone knows the possibilities to keep the input screens clean and well arranged. Contao provides, in addition to CSS classes, so called "subpalettes". These allow to display certain input fields only after a checkbox has been ticked. This functionality is already part of MetaModels.

What's missing, is the same feature being also applied to select widgets, to display certain input fields only, when a certain value has been selected. This would provide an even more simple way to hide non relevant input fields from the user an display them only as needed.

Support via PayPal

Support via giro transfer


Purpose: MetaModels - Subpalettes